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Dekton worktops

The Dekton worktop is a surface which is ultracompact. Dekton worktops are the highest quality kitchen worktops. A clever combination of raw materials make up Dekton worktops. Dekton countertops are perfect for both inside and out use. The range of choices is wide with Dekton. Each of the Dekton colours is ultra-resistant to sunlight. This means the Dekton worktop colour does not fade over time.

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Dekton kitchen worktop
Dekton worktops

Dekton kitchen countertops

Dekton is a very hard-wearing kitchen worktop material. It is one of the most scratch resistant countertops available. We would still recommend cutting boards. Each of the Dekton colours will not stain. Removal of the toughest stains like wine, rust and marker pens is easy. One of the key benefits of a Dekton worktop is that it is hardly penetrable and contains no resins. The means is effective as a kitchen worktop material. Everyday items like bleach will not effect the look and feel of the Dekton worktop.

What is the Dekton Ultracompact surfaces guarantee?

A 25 year warranty comes with this product. The long warranty is due to the many benefits of "Dekton Sinterzed Particle Technology". For example Dekton is resistant to UV light. This makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. Dekton is tough meaning. It will not scratch and is resistant to abrasion, never requiring to be re-surfaced. It is stain resistant to even the most stubborn stains, and is both shock and heat proof.

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Where can Dekton be used?

Dekton worktops are able to withstand high temperatures without impacting the worktop. The clever design means there is no need to re-surface the worktop during its life. Together with heat, the Dekton worktop is also able to withstand cold. Again this enhances its perfect use either inside or out.

What finishes are available with Dekton?

Dekton is available in 3150mm x 1400mm slabs. Thicknesses for Dekton are available in 8mm, 12mm, 20mm. Please contact us for further information.

What are the benefits of a Dekton worktop?

These are some of the benefits from the fantastic Dekton worktops we have on offer. These make the Dekton suitable from both indoor and outdoor use.

Dekton worktop benefits?

  • Dekton is resistant to stains
  • Dekton is highly stratch resistant
  • Dekton is highly UV resistant
  • Dekton has virtually zero water absorption
  • Dekton is resistant to abrasion
  • Dekton is a fireproof worktop material

Dekton prices

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