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Granite worktops

Granite is the perfect choice for your worktop, Every slab is individual and made over thousands of years by mother nature’s fair hands. Natural granite worktops offer a fantastic range of colours and patterns. No two slabs are the same. All granite slabs are 100% natural.

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Granite worktops Natural granite worktops

Granite kitchen worktops

There are an endless choice of colours and patterns available from the more subdued to the heavily patterned. You are also able to create an even more bespoke look by adding a variety of finishes to really give your top the wow factor! Granite is 100% natural and sourced from all over the world. It is hard wearing and has been a staple in many kitchens for a long time. You will never tire of the natural beauty that granite offers you.

Natural granite samples

Unfortunately we are unable to send out samples for our granite products. This is because it is a natural product and the tones will vary. As it is a natural product we always recommend viewing each slab. Please contact the office for details of how we can arrange this with you.

Where to use granite?

Each granite we supply is a nautral and unique product. It is very hard wearing which lends itself to many uses. It is perfect as a kitchen worktop, offering the durability reuqired for modern living. Granite also lends itself to be a perfect interior finish for walls and flooring.

Being from the ground, it is also sits perfectly for outside use. We have supplied it for use on terraces, driveways and even facades.

What finishes are available with granite?

As antural granite is quarried the slab sizes vary. We can normally able to obtain slab sizes between 2700-3000mm long and 1500-1900mm wide. Thickness can be either 20mm or 30mm. Please contact us for more information.

Granite possibilities

Natural granite is an inexhaustible source for inspiration. Being formed by nature the colours, dimnesions and finishes vary. Granite offers a flexibility for us. It is suitable for inside the home or outside such as garden paths, driveways and facades. When choosing natural granite for paths and driveways we recommend a rough finish to make sure the surface is not slippery. When you contact us we'll talk to you about the use of granite and recommend the best options.

Granite colours

Being natural granite has a very unique look and colour palette, which has not been imitated. View the colour to find our more information and how you can obtain a easy free quick competitive quote.

Natural granite colours correct as at 25th June 2022