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Choosing slabs and how to cut them

Can I Layout my templates on patterned materials?

With Granite choosing the right material is often a concern for customers, especially with stones that have a large and variable pattern, it is important to look at more detailed pictures and even inspect the slabs before cutting.

This can be time consuming, but it enables you to ensure you get what you expect and there are no surprises.

A Cosmic White Granite with variable pattern throughout the granite slab

choosing slabs 1

Black Fusion Granite beautiful but different, so some thought needs to be given to layout


When choosing a granite, and you narrow down the colour you require we can arrange for pictures of the current blocks that are available like the pictures above, so you can final check you are happy with the pattern before we order the materials.

Once the slabs have arrived you are always welcome to come and check the material before cutting, please call and ensure you check which factory the material is in before travelling.

Once the slabs have been chosen, materials with a large wild pattern consideration of the layout is important. Often materials that have natural features are picked because they are unique but time needs to be given to ensure the correct part of the slab is installed in the correct location, for example a particular feature a customer might like and want to be dominant on an island , or a smaller blemish less liked could be cut in the hob or the back corner of the worktop to make less visible.

Two people would likely choose something very different, therefore it is personal to you and only you can decide how to best lay the material out.

We recommend you book to come to the factory if possible, if not once templating is done request a photo with the templates laid out, so you can agree the pattern layout before the items are cut, once cut no changes can be made. Our Workshop Managers and Sawyers will do all they can to get the best from your chosen material.

Its not every granite that will need input some items like Steel Grey, Azul Platino and Jet black all have small tight grains with little movement in there, there would be no need for you to be involved in the laying out of templates with consistent colours as there would be no difference.

Once we have the templates, we turn them into DXF files. You can then view them being laid out on the stone to see how the pattern will work.


A Cosmic White island for a customer who came and helped layout the slabs to ensure they pattern was what they wanted.

choosing slabs customer example