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Delivery of items

Materials on a supply and delivery basis: the cost of delivery

Stone Worktops are heavy and cost money to deliver. In the age of free delivery, where costs are hidden in the price people pay for goods, stone is different and we offer a more open book approached.

It is not just the cost of diesel to deliver, Stone products are no ordinary item, they are heavy with a 3000mm x 600 piece weighing around 135kg, this cannot go on a normal carriage service.

You need a vehicle with 2 people to deliver and carry the items from the vehicle into the property, it is obvious with the weights this is not a job that “normal people” can take on, Islands can be far larger and heavier.

delivery example 1
delivery example 2

We have various specialist carrying gear,trolleys etc to make the delivery achievable. Also stone is fairly fragile especially with hob/sink cutouts and need to be carried by people who know what they are doing.

Example of Large Island

delivery example of a large island

How do we cost delivery?

We would look up the customers postcode and use Google maps to work out the distance from the customer to the factory in B70 postcode

•This will give us the mileage and time to drive to the delivery
•Double the time so we cover there and back
•X 2 people add 30 mins to carry in then x £45 per hour to cover the costs

So for example

B70 to RG6 (Reading) is 2 hours 25 mins x 2 = 4 hours 50 mins add 30 mins total of 5 hours 20 mins x 2 men is total of 10 hours 40 mins x £45 so £468+vat to deliver so in this scenario template and fitting would have been more economical

What about full installation of worktops?

Our full template and installation charge covers travel to and from installations nationwide see map below

for the latest charges for delivery please visit our template and fitting page Template and fitting

iWorktops template and fitting map

Depending on the area it may be that installation may make more economical sense than delivery only. We will only be able to work this out when you contact us for a quote.

Where an installation involves a big island that requires extra labour to handle it we only provide 2 people , you can either provide extra help or we can quote to send extra people, please call the office to discuss