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Heat resistant worktops - Quartz and granite

How heat resistant are granite and quartz worktops?

The kitchen worktops are subjected to all types of stresses during everyday life, hot items are one of the dangers, and some of the questions asked are heat related.

heat resistant worktops

Can I Put hot drinks directly on a granite or quartz worktop?

Yes of course you can, with both granite and quartz worktops will take boiling hot water temperatures.

Can I place pans, saucepans and dishes straight from the oven onto the worktop?

All really hot pans etc should be placed on a trivet, especially with quartz which contains a resin, these are susceptible to extreme heat, and once marked are near impossible to remove. Therefore we recommend you use a trivet for all oven/hob pans.
Although with granite you are less likely to have an issue within this, there is the chance of thermal shock.

Are there worktops which I can place hot items on without any potential issues with heat?

Yes if you feel you need a worktop that can take heat without the need for trivets then there are worktops like Dekton, Neolith and Lapitec which contain no resin, and are manufactured under extreme pressure and heat, these are marketed specifically to take heat onto the surface.

If you would like to see the ranges of heat resistant worktops check out the Dekton, Neolith and Lapitec products on our website.