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The risks of templating and fitting your own kitchen worktop

Often, we are asked if a customer can measure up for us to manufacture stone worktops to their measurements, for them to fit. Sometimes they also request for us to template and them to fit, or them to template and us to fit. Often the perception is this will be more economical, and occasionally it can be.

risks of fitting own worktop

Here are a few pointers so you can decide –

We will only template what we are going to install, and we only fit what we have templated. This ensures the responsibility is manageable, if we template, and issues on fitting are our responsibility to overcome.

Templating is much harder than it may first appear. Understanding decisions about overhangs, warranty requirements for different materials, how sink cut out diagrams work, requirements for expansion gaps etc, all of these and more need knowledge and experience to ensure the finish product is to the customers expectations and will last for many years to come.

Transporting stone worktops can cause issues if not done correctly, all our vehicles are kitted out with rubber mounted specialist carrying frames for holding worktops safely and securely.

risks of fitting own worktop

Also, worktops are heavy, and you need to know what you are doing especially with fragile pieces that have sink or hob cut-outs in them, for example a 3000mm x 620 worktop can weigh 140kg in 30mm granite with no cut-outs.

Often on installation adjustments need to be made, the materials we use can vary slightly when cut and often final tweaking and levelling are required on site, we use specialist air lifters to ensure the joints are pulled flat and close together.

Although there are times where you templating and installing makes more sense:

An item that is simple without cut-outs for example an island top, shelf, sill, vanity top. Especially where 1 piece is needed with no joints or cut-outs.

risks of fitting own worktop

Where the worktops need jointing or undermounted sinks, hobs or upstands it is false economy to go DIY. If you look at the value of the overall job the cost of us professionally templating and fitting is negligible, but also most manufactures materials like Silestone, Caesarstone, Dekton, Lapitec etc void the warranty if not installed by an approved fabricator.

Unless you have considerable experience, working with stone or as a kitchen fitter, using our template and fitting service is the safest, most economical way to go.

We look forward to assisting you on your up and coming project .

Jamie Dowdall
Managing Director