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Template requirements - be precise

It is not unusual to get calls after an installation, where people have forgotten to have holes drilled for filter taps, air switches, pop up sockets, etc, or it could be many months after the installation to see if a hob cut-out can be made wider as hob being changed or worktops recut, so a range can be installed

And the question is can it be done?

Most things can be done in a kitchen but there is always an element of risk and is the risk low enough to carry out the item.

Adjustments are chargeable, and also we would ask a disclaimer to be signed, whilst we will always try our best to carry out the works sometimes stone can for example crack when being drilled, so we will try and make the risks aware prior to commencement, always call the office and we can chat through the works with you and try and explain the risks and costs involved.

The easiest way is to ensure at template you know everything you want as the costs to travel and for example drill a hole at a later date are considerably different, for example a hole for an air switch when on the machine might cost £10, if it is done after you would have travel time to and from site and time on site so even if you said 3 hours total the cost would be £135 + v.a.t (£45 per man hour including travel) and that is based on only being 1 hour from the factory!

Items that can be done on site include:

•Holes for Air switch/ new/extra tap, making of existing tap holes bigger (60 minutes on site)
•Pop up socket holes (these tend to be large and can often take 60-90 minutes on site)
•Cutting a hob hole larger (but there is a risk of it cracking) (60-90 minutes on site and lots of dust to clean up after)
•Cutting an inset sink hole larger (but there is a risk of it cracking 60-90 minutes on site and lots of dust to clean up after)
•Items where we would need to remove the worktops and bring back to the factory (there is a risk in breaking upstands and worktops as they are installed to stay in place, also damage will be done to walls to remove upstands, so you need to factor in decoration costs as well)
•Adding Grooves view options
•Adding Recess view options
•New hob & Sink cut-out holes view options

The costs in doing above would need to be quoted but at £45 per man hour and 2 people required to remove items you can see the costs would be high to remove, drive to factory run on CNC a return and reinstall.

It is always best to get anything done at the time of original template

Items to consider ensuring you have your dream kitchen include items below

template requirements