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The trend of thin kitchen worktops

Over the last few years the trend has changed from thicker worktops to thinner worktops, whilst this gives a stunning, modern look there are things to ensure you consider at design stage to ensure both the product and thickness you are considering will suit what you require them to do.

thing kitchen worktops explained

With a thinner worktop you need to consider:

•Large overhangs on island what additional support will be required
•Large appliance cut-outs, can they be cut out from the thin material
•Hob location over a double oven there is normally a minimum worktop thickness requirement to ensure it will fit
•Down draught extractor cut out location compared to hob location
•Multiple hob configurationsn
•Edge profile required, can it be done on a thinner worktop

All these items combined could cause issues with certain worktops/thicknesses of worktops.

If you have provisionally decided all your appliances and you know the cut-outs and locations let us know and we can always provide advice as to what would need to happen on the stone.

Main warranty issues

Most worktop warranty issues are down to the installation and design of the kitchen.

For example on template we will often ask for more support, people will confirm they will put the support in but then perhaps forget, later there is a warranty issue and it will void the warranty if the support has not been put in (we take photos and get signatures to confirm you will put it in).

At the point of template, we often will ask for items to be done, these are purely to ensure your worktops will last many years, and to ensure we comply with the warranty requirements for the brand of worktop we are supplying.

We always welcome you to discuss before you start fitting the kitchen as often this means you are not going back and retro fitting support.

The trend recently has been handless kitchens like the ones below. The main consideration here is, is there enough stone at the front and rear of any cut outs ie. sink or hob to ensure there are no breakages.

Often people need to pull these handless kitchens off the wall to make the worktop wider, if you will end up with a worktop less than 610-620mm deep you need to call the office and chat before you start fitting your kitchen, also with your sink cut out and hob cut out sizes so we can give advice, on template if it is decided the only way to do it is pull the kitchen forward this will mean a lot of undue stress and cost for the kitchen customer.

If this can be discussed and confirmed at design stage it will make for a smooth installation

thing kitchen worktops explained

Issues with worktop length

For example, a 3100mm long worktop with a 900mm x 490 cut out will be challenging in even 20mm thick, so 12mm it will not work

You might need to place an extra joint in to reduce this piece with the cut out, all this can be discussed at design stage

thin kitchen worktops length