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Lapitec Bianco Crema

Lapitec Bianco Crema

Bianco Crema


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10 years

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Bianco Crema Lapitec worktop

Bianco Crema is one of the colours from Lapitec, a brand at the fore front of modern worktop manufacturering. Bianco Crema from Lapitec is made up from all natural materials in an ultra-compact worktop, meaning that Bianco Crema is a non-porous, scratch resistant, heat resistant, uv stable and impact resistant worktop that will add that wow factor to any kitchen.

As well as Bianco Crema, Lapitec worktops come in over 20 colours meaning that there is something for everyone, each Lapitec worktop is available 3 different finishes, lithos textured, satin matt or lux polished each bringing its own bespoke feel to your Lapitec worktop, Bianco Crema is also available in 3 different thickness’ 12mm for a modern contemporary look and 20mm for those who want a modern twist on tradition.

Bianco Crema by lapitec worktops are ideally suited for all homes whether a busy family kitchen and so the stain resistant, heat resistance and durability are important or a workable kitchen where you want to cut directly onto the worktop as well as apply heat , Bianco Crema from Lapitec worktops will work for you. Bianco Crema from Lapitec worktops come with a 10 year warranty which will give you piece of mind when choosing a worktop.

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