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Neolith worktops

Neolith slabs are based on Sintering Technology. It consists of subjecting the 100% natural raw materials to very high temperatures and pressures. The Sintering Technology gives Neolith physical and mechanical features which are unprecedented in the construction industry. Neolith is a incredibly hard surface and with this is resistant to temperatures and scratching. Neolith will not burn if it comes into contact with fire nor will it give off smoke or fumes.

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Neolith worktopNeolith worktops

Neolith stone kitchen countertops

Neolith using 100% natural colourants and so the surface will not fade. Neolith is resistant to extreme temperature whether cold or hot as well as being resistant to most household chemicals. Neolith is 100% recyclable and fully waterproof, making it an ideal choice for your worktop.

Neolith guarantee

A 10 year warranty is provided with this surface.

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Where to use Neolith?

Given the resistant to temperatures, Neolith is the perfect material for a kitchen worktop. Its design and colour choices are on trend giving you the perfect deisgner look.
Neolith also provides sinks which is made of the same material as the Neolith countertops. This gives an integrated and minimalist design for your kitchen.

What finishes are available with Neolith?

Neolith comes in slabs of 3190 by 1490mm. The thickness of the slabs can be selected: 20 or 12mm

Neolith colours correct as at 30th May 2022