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Save £000s on your new kitchen worktop

iWorktops offers a great service whilst keeping your dream kitchen on budget.

We are a long established company with many years of experience, meaning we are able to work very effectively and efficiently with all the materials we use, which means we won’t need to add extra cost to cover any issues that may arise during the fabrication process.

Worktop fabricator

As a long standing fabricator we have also created some strong relationships with our suppliers, meaning that we are able to offer the best prices on all the materials that we use. We work closely to try and get the most popular styles at the moment on the best price promotion we can by buying in large quantities to keep the cost down.

Using state of the art technology we can ensure that at each process it runs smoothly keeping the time and money down to a minimum.

All our machinery is the latest and recommended by the industry leaders making time management very effective, which in turn keeps the cost down as we are able to turn jobs around at an effective and quick rate.

Fully trained staff

With have a number of fully qualified teams based around the uk to ensure that we send out a team close to you, keeping the logistic cost to a minimum.

We also have 2 fabrication plants, which means we can ensure we use the nearest and most cost effective one for your kitchen.

All our team at each level are fully qualified and able to ensure that what you need you get at the most competitive price as well as being able to offer advice of other options that may be available to yourself to help keep the cost down.